When making a donation you shall be using PayPal and you will automatically be given the option to donate
towards any one of the following areas of need (or you can just make a neutral donation aimed at no specific objective):
The options that PayPal will give you are as follows (for those who want to choose a specific goal):

(1) Buying a brand new camera (upgrade us from Nikon D3200 to Nikon D850)
This is the biggest "goal" of our fundraising efforts, which is why we added a donation bar below
The new camera will allow us to take better nightshots, better video clips and higher quality stock photographs.

(2) Funds to do more royalty free photo shoots

Apart from the dream of one day upgrading our equipment, we actually need donations to travel to locations and do our photoshoots
The cost of doing a photoshoot also includes paying models, food and in some cases: venue hire or house/ location rent
The funds that are dedicated towards doing more photoshoots will not be included on our "New camera funds" progress bar

(2b) Getting costumes for our models

In most cases our models just come wearing their own clothes from home, but in special shoots like the medical/ nurses photo shoot
We had to go and get the nurses uniforms tailored. THe good news is we keep all costumes and intend to keep reusing them in future videos or photoshoots
Due to things like shipping and duty fees (when buying online) and the lack of costume hire shops in Zimbabwe,
we are better off tailoring and owning Stock Providers' own outfits. That's actually cheaper for us.


Even without donations, I (and my models) whole-heartedly believe in this project
and we shall continue to make more stock photos, videos and stock illustrations.
But I would really love to have you help me on this "free stock mission"


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